Charles Duffy


S&W Collectors Assn. Life- Member Charles Duffy, who passed away in January 2013 at age 89, other than in wartime, spent almost his entire life in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. Charlie enlisted in the U.S. Navy at age 18 and served as a torpedo-man aboard the submarine, U.S.S. Sea Wolf, in the South Pacific Theater during World War II. He was an avid collector of S&W’s for over 60 years, beginning with a 38/44 Outdoorsman in 1947 and continuing until just a few years ago. We were honored to be selected by Mr. Duffy to sell his collection of S&W’s in 2012-2014. Charlie was a long-time friend and we are proud that he chose us to handle the sale of his collection.

Special note:  Many of the S&W’s from the Duffy collection are pictured in the well-known book,  “Smith & Wesson, 1857 - 1945”, by Bob Neal and Roy Jinks (1966, revised 1975).  The guns attributed to Charlie were photographed by Bob Neal in 1963-1964 and all remained in his collection until being sold by us.