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David Carroll at Gun Show - Smith & WessonThe David Carroll Collection represents many years of careful trading in antique firearms and related items, particularly Smith and Wesson arms, by David Carroll.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, David was educated in the Birmingham Public Schools, Calhoun Community College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a Degree in Police Science and Criminal Justice.

David served in law enforcement from 1972 - 1987 as a municipal police officer and as a deputy sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama and is a honors graduate of the Alabama Police Academy. Always a collector and entrepreneur, David began serious collection of antique firearms in 1982, specializing in Smith & Wesson handguns. He is also collector/trader of 1950's Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Desoto automobiles, and is a Past President of the Birmingham Chapter of the Alabama Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

Oh ... did we mention ... David is always seeking fine engraved Smith and Wesson firearms made from 1852 through 1898 for his personal collection, and buying, selling and trading all other collector Smith & Wesson's made from 1852 through 1972.

David Carroll is a long-term member of many collectors associations, including the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association, and routinely displays both his collection and inventory for sale at popular antique and collector firearms shows throughout the United States.

As this is an ongoing endeavor to have the finest collectable firearms examples to satisfy the wants and needs of every collector, we offer periodic catalogs throughout the year as well as the various items found here on our website.

We ask that you join our family in praying for the military personnel of this nation who stand watch around the world to protect and serve the many freedoms we hold so dear. And, for those in every elective and appointed office at all levels across the USA, even though we do not all share the same political views. Both those who fight and those who will lead us in the years to come so greatly are in need of the prayers of every American; man, woman and child. 

We also pray for one another - for each of you and your loved ones, so that it may be well with you in all things, no matter what.